Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This from Zone 3, 2011

Durable Goods

She knew the fridge and stove would outlast her,
washer and dryer, too.  And her car was good,
her son had said, for more miles than she’d ever drive.
So what to do with what lasts, like the four-post bed?
Well, that she hoped to die in, as her husband had,
ten years past.  But she’d made sure her will was clear—
who got what, not why.  Details wore her out. 
Some things last a good long while.  She would not.
“The body’s estate?” she said, “just stuff to stuff,
amen.  Burn it and be done.  Sell the house,  
divide the rest—and Joe, you can have the car,
but Susan gets the silver.  Give young Louanne   
the four-post bed now that she’s found a lover,
and dare her to wear it out, if she can.”

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